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Participated in The Korea-Finland Startup Summit 2019
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Novomics Co., Ltd. has participated in The Korea-Finland Startup Summit 2019 as one of the economics delegations held in Helsinki, Finland on June 11th. At the Summit, President Moon Jae-in touring three European countries visited and attended official events such as the Innovative Growth Forum as a keynote speaker, encouragement of Hackathon, and the startup showcase. Significant visit of President Moon made the Summit more vital and meaningful. 


The Korea Startup Forum and the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) reviewed and selected 118 delegates of 5G autonomous ships, Bio, AI, eco-friendly ICT, healthcare, and O2O fields. And 53 startups including Novomics took part in the main summit, demonstrating their competitiveness as a global innovation company.


Novomics also introduced nProfiler® 1, First-in-Clinical molecular diagnosis kit based on the technology of analyzing the molecular subtype characteristics of gastric cancer patients at this Summit. Lots of global experts visited Novomics booth and showed their interest in Novomics and Novomics's flagship product, nProfiler® 1. Novomics proved again its capability as a global competitive and innovative company.


Through The Korea-Finland Startup Summit 2019, many companies as well as Novomics are expected to make further progress via international exchanges.



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