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Novomics Vision

For Better Life;

Transformation of Clinical Diagnosis & Monitoring
in the era of Precision Medicine

Misson Statement

Novomics is always pursuing to become the best in the area of gene-based molecular diagnosis. We are continuously accumulating clinical experiences by excavating new target genes in association with researchers, clinical physicians and pharmaceutical companies for the realization of "For better life."

Novomics is fortifying the level of understanding of the cancer gene analysis for the realization of precision medicine and this will lead to the molecular diagnostic treatment for the "standard care of cancer patients."

Core values

Clinical Performance

Novomics was the first in the world to develop molecular diagnostic kit for the diagnosis of the prognosis after the surgery on stomach cancer patients.

Made by Best Expertise

Novomics pursued development with the technical consultation of the clinical physician who performed the largest number of surgery for stomach cancer patients in the world and the pathologist who led the development of Oncotype DX in the USA, one of the most successful molecular diagnostic products in the world.

High Reliability : Analytical Performance

Novomics pursued development by using proven analytic method with high level of reliability throughout the world including Non-negative Matrix Factorization (NMF) and Weighted Gene Co-expression Network Analysis (WGCNA).

Future Challenge : Precision Medicine

Novomics is preparing new clinical trials aimed at presentation of treatment method appropriate for individual patients in alignment with the era of precision medicine emerging along the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Software Information

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