Colon Cancer IVDx

Diagnostic kit for prognosis of colon cancer

Colon cancer is a carcinogenic tumor with the 4th ranked prevalence rate in the world among all cancers and was manifested mostly in the western world including the North America and Europe, etc. in the past. However, with the recent changes to westernized dietary life, the prevalence rate of colon cancer in Korea is ranked the 3rd among all cancers at the moment with very rapid increase in the provenance rate. In the case of terminal stage colon cancer, the survival rate is only 11% with recurrence rates in the range of 20~50% even after enterectomy.

Although extensive range of researches have been carried out for prolonged period of time on colon cancer in the western world with high prevalence rate, satisfactory results are yet to be deduced.

Novomics is planning to develop Colon Cancer IVDx, which is a diagnosis system for the prediction of prognosis of colon cancer on the basis of the know-how and experience accumulated in successfully researching and developing Stomach Cancer IVDx that diagnosis the prognosis of stomach cancer.

Although the carcinoma of stomach cancer differs from that of colon cancer, it is found that their genomic characteristics are similar. From the review of the existing research results in the thesis related to colon cancer, the subtype categories of the colon cancer includes the subtypes that are similar to those of the stomach cancer.

In the R&D of the diagnostic kit for prognosis of colon cancer, qPCR platform will be used similar to the diagnostic kit for prognosis of stomach cancer. We will be putting in our utmost efforts to provide assistance to the colon cancer patients by successfully launching Colon Cancer IVDx on the basis of the know-how accumulated through several years of R&D and successful experience in commercialization of diagnostic kit for prognosis of stomach cancer.

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