Product Pipeline

Approximately 6 years of research and development of diagnostic kit for the prediction of prognosis of stomach cancer patients are completed and is currently undergoing the clinical test by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. Confirmative clinical test is planned after the completion of currently implemented exploratory clinical test with the schedule to formally launch the product to the market in 2017 after having undergone product licensing and new health technology assessment.

The accompanied diagnostic kit for lung cancer secured the cfDNA separation technology and very low frequency of somatic mutations (VELOW) analysis technology, and was selected as investment-linked task of the project for technology innovation and development by the Small and Medium Business Administration with the acknowledgement of the research and development performances and business feasibility. NGS System Set-up was completed in July 2016 and procedures for licensing by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety are scheduled to commence.

Colon cancer has the similar genomic characteristics as the stomach cancer and, as such, Novomics is currently developing colon cancer prognostic diagnostic kit on the basis of the experience and know-how in having successfully developed the stomach cancer prognostic diagnostic kit.

We are planning to develop accompanying diagnostic kit for stomach and colon cancers on the foundation of the knowledge base we accumulated through the research and development of the accompanied diagnostic kit for lung cancer.

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