Precision Medicine

Precision medicine refers to the provision of customized medical services for individuals by analyzing the individual variations including the genome, medical information, environment and lifestyle of the people.

Precision medicine emerged in accordance with the advancement of the human genome sequencing technology, biomedical-related data analysis technology and technology for use of large quantity of data, and is applied to clinical tests for the application of target treatment agent that considers individual variations in patients.

Personalized Cancer Therapy

Currently, clinical test is being converted into clinical tests with new paradigm such as NCI match of the USA and LC SCRUM of Japan.

The size of the global precision medicine market is anticipated to reach approximately 104 trillion KRW (about $10 billion) by 2022 and the Obama administration of the USA has been implementing the “Precision Medicine Initiative” that provides assistance valued at $215 million per annum since 2015.

Global corporations including Apple, Google and IBM, etc. are pursuing business in collection, management and analysis of medical data.

Novomics is planning to execute prospective clinical tests on the effect of the additional target treatment agent for the patients with bad prognosis and no effect of anti-cancer agents among the groups with no response to anti-cancer agent as the result of the diagnosis with nProfiler 1 Stomach Cancer Assay among the stomach cancer patients. Completion of this prospective clinical test will open the path for new treatment direction to the patients who failed to show response to the existing anti-cancer treatment therapy.
In addition, we have the plan to execute prospective clinical test (2 phase) for multiple genetic mutation on the recurrent stomach cancer patients with the technology currently being researched and developed on the basis of the know-how and database accumulated in the development of accompanied diagnosis of lung cancer.

In addition, we are striving to ultimately realize the precision medicine for the accompanied diagnosis of stomach cancer by executing clinical test (3 phase) for accompanies diagnosis on single exceptional respondent gene for the target treatment agent that Big Pharma owns through linkage with Big Pharma.

In the case of this prospective clinical test, Korea-China Collaborative Prospective Trial for stomach cancer patients will be executed and it is anticipated that we will be able to present new Gold Standard for the treatment of stomach cancer through this clinical test.

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