• Scientific background

    We desire to get closer to you by a serises of knowledge-based technology improvement and clinical study,in the era of presicion medicine

  • Novomics Thinking

    Cancer patients first, we want to lead personalized precision medicine through the next generation gene-diagnostic service

  • Diagnosis Lab. Service

    We pursue the pricise diagnostic service in the qualified gene diagnostic laboratory



  • nProfiler I

    nProfiler I Stomach Cancer Assay is a molecular diagnostic kit that can predict the prognosis with the FFPE samples originating from 2~3 stage stomach cancer patients

  • Prognosis

    First In Class : nProfiler I is a diagnosis system for predicting the prognosis after stomach cancer surgery

  • Algorithm

    two-tier system based on the binary signal
    (binary signal based two-tier system)

About Novomics

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노보믹스 의료기기 nProfiler1 Stomach Cancer Assay를 이용한 '세계 최초 항암제 적합성 예측 연구 SCI급 논문 게재', '란셋 온콜로지(The Lancet Oncology, JCR IF=33.9)'3월호

세계 최초 항망제 적합성 예측 연구란? 논문 자세히 보기 연구에 사용된 의료기기 nProfiler Stomach Cancer Assay 자세히 보기